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30.03.21 a seminar "Diseases of the cattle limbs: prevention, diagnosis, treatment" was held for livestock enterprises specialists as part of the 'Veterinary business in dairy farming -cattle deseases' course on the basis of the State Budgetary Institution of Veterinary Medicine of the Moscow region 'Moscow Regional Veterinary Laboratory' and  'Training Center for Advanced Training of veterinary specialists'. 

The Training Center head, Elena Turovnikova, welcomed the participants. The training seminar was started by Yuri Koshutin, a veterinarian, an expert in the field of professional herd care methodology, prevention and treatment of hoof diseases. The speaker presented information on modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hooves pathologies in cows, taking into account the animal husbandry technology. The lecture was continued by Evgeny Lyusin, a leading specialist in animal husbandry of the VIC Group of Companies on the topic: 'Treatment and prevention of hoof diseases in modern animal husbandry'.

During the presentation, the structure of cattle morbidity in the context of modern animal husbandry, organizational measures for the prevention and treatment of infectious hooves diseases were considered. The audience paid the greatest attention to the information of the new drug, Hoof Protect, which is a highly concentrated remedy for the rehabilitation of the hoof.  A distinctive feature of the drug is a complex composition, thanks to which the product forms a polymer film on the hooves surface, protecting them from pathogenic microflora, helping to strengthen the hoof, preventing its cracking and the development of porosity, stimulating the hoof healing, and has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. 


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