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The annual International Veterinary Congress "One World - One Health" is a flagship project embracing all areas of veterinary medicine, biopharmaceuticals, animal science, feeding and agriculture.

Within the framework of the Congress, scientists and entrepreneurs of the agro-industrial complex from all over the world reported on key issues of both veterinary medicine and the entrepreneurial sphere of the industry.

MVC 2021 is a unique event: thanks to the hybrid format getting up-to-date information from key speakers and expanding the geography of business became much easier. The main innovation of the MVC 2021 was the opportunity for participants to attend online training from leading training centers: All-Russia Institute of Experimental Veterinary science of the Russian Academy of Science, 'Center of Veterinary Medicine', All-Russia Scientific Institute of Veterinary Drugs Control. The cutting-edge technology provides a tool to conduct advanced professional training not only within the framework of the Congress, but also on a regular basis.

The VIC Group of Companies experts spoke at various sections of the Congress:

·         Oksana Molokanova, a leading technologist and consultant, spoke on the topic 'STRATEGIES FOR GROWING BROILERS IN POULTRY FARMING' within the 'Current issues in veterinary medicine and feeding in industrial poultry farming' section.

·         Evgeny Lyusin, veterinary consultant, spoke on the 'Criteria for the antibacterial drugs selection taking into account the epizootic situation at the enterprise' as part of the 'Current veterinary aspects of dairy and meat farming' block.

·         Vitaly Durakov, a leading veterinary consultant, presented the topic 'The role of laboratory research in ensuring the biosafety of the enterprise' during the 'Current veterinary problems in industrial pig breeding, African swine fever' section.

The Congress was attended by about 1000 industry specialists. Employees of the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the World Veterinary Association, industry associations of the Russian Federation, scientists of the world's leading institutes in the field of veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and biotechnology presented their expertise and research findings.

The grand opening of the Anniversary X International Veterinary Congress was held on April 20 at the Congress Center of the Technopolis Special Economic Zone in Moscow. The experts discussed issues of biological safety, new approaches to ensuring the microbiological safety of food products, issues of control and supervisory activities in veterinary medicine.

Thus, the Director of the International Center for Antimicrobial Resistance ( Copenhagen, Denmark) Per Henriksen shared his experience of solving the problem on the example of Denmark, and Director of the Scientific Center for Emergent Infections and Zoonoses (Hanover, Germany) Albert Osterhaus spoke about new and recurring infections that are transmitted to humans from animals.

Within the framework of the X International Veterinary Congress "One World – One Health", the General Director of VIC-ANIMAL HEALTH Victoria Violina was awarded the medal 'For Valiant Service to the glory of Veterinary Medicine' named after A.D. Tretyakov.

The award is named after an outstanding statesman, an acknowledged authority and innovator in the field of veterinary medicine, Alexander Tretyakov

Victoria Violina was noted as a responsive and reliable partner, who makes a huge contribution to the veterinary pharmaceuticals industry of the country, to ensure the health of people and animals.

'Agrarian Science', the industry magazine of the VIC Group of Companies, was awarded by the Congress organizers for a highly professional approach to covering issues of veterinary education in the framework of the contest of industry media journalists work.

The main distinctive feature of the congress, compared not only to the previous MVC, but also to other industry events, was the training platform for participants, which was successfully introduced and appreciated. This platform will work permanently, and it will host new seminars and conferences on relevant issues. The efforts to improve the competency of industry specialists will also go on.


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