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On June 29, 2021, a veterinary scientific and practical conference on topical veterinary problems in industrial animal husbandry took place housed by the Caspian Zonal Research Veterinary Institute - a branch of the Agricultural Scientific Center in Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan. Representatives of science, the Veterinary Department and the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Republic of Dagestan, as well as veterinary practitioners from farms and commercial trade organizations participated in the conference. The conference welcomed more than 50 participants.

The director of the Caspian Zonal Research Veterinary Institute - branch of the Agricultural Scientific Center, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences A.Yu. Aliyev made an introductory and welcoming speech to the conference participants, highlighting the main activities and scientific and practical objectives that the scientists of the institute are currently facing. A new direction of the institute's work was highlighted; it is being carried out in the field of application of some modern registered veterinary drugs produced by "VIC - Animal Health" for the treatment of large and small livestock in special climatic conditions of keeping animals in the Republic of Dagestan.

Deputy General Director for Veterinary Medicine of VIC Group Dorofeeva S.G. introduced the VIC Group, presented its achievements, recognition and positioning in Russia and abroad. She provided the audience with summary of joint practical work with scientists of the Institute.

The conference participants were particularly interested in the film about the VIC Group of Companies, which showed production facilities in Vitebsk, the Republic of Belarus, and Belgorod.

Ushakov R. E., regional manager of the Krasnodar southern regional branch of TD-VIC, told about the product range, the ordering procedure through the branch and the logistics of delivering veterinary drugs and told to the Republic of Dagestan.

The conference participants were very much interested and discussed a message on the situation and current trends in the development of livestock and sheep breeding by representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Republic of Dagestan.

It was highlighted that the requirement of the time at the present stage is a complete accounting - identification of all livestock, sheep and poultry, including those in personal use. Veterinary state control of the movement of animals and animal products and improving epizootic well-being in general is not possible in the Republic of Dagestan without solving the above issue.

Scientists of the the Caspian Zonal Research Veterinary Institute - branch of the Agricultural Scientific Center presented interesting reports on various topics, including areas of mastitis therapy, obtaining healthy young animals, parasitic diseases and general sanitation in animal farms. The scientists reported the findings of production experiments with registered veterinary drugs: Enroflon®gel, for clinical and subclinical mastitis in cows; Tiacyclin® solution for injection, for subclinical mastitis in sheep; Forticarb® 10%, for sheep piroplasmidosis, as well as francaiellosis and piroplasmidosis in cows. The preparations have shown high therapeutic efficacy in animals in the natural and climatic conditions of keeping cattle and sheep, which are specific for the Republic of Dagestan.

Of particular interest and discussion were the presentations of the leading veterinary consultant of the VIC Department of Animal Husbandry Kozikova I. N. on the following topics: "Actual problems of young cattle treatment", where the speaker presented modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of major gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases; the topic of Key aspects of the antiparasitic program in modern animal husbandry was particularly interesting and relevant for the participants. The audience noted the great professionalism of the speaker, who answered all the questions of concern asked by the participants.

Reproduction and cultivation of repair young animals is the basis of the dairy cattle breeding economic efficiency, therefore the topic of Reproduction of cattle and obtaining healthy young animals, presented online by Professor Josef Seitz from the Czech Republic, the Bioveta company, was listened to with great interest. No less significant and relevant issue at the present time for the Republic of Dagestan is global identification. The employee of the VIC Trading House Beloglazov P. G. provided detailed information on the animal identification emphasizing the need for strict accounting of all animals in the Republic of Dagestan in the context of the adopted federal laws "On Veterinary Medicine", orders and by-laws of the Rosselkhoznadzor of the Russian Federation in this area. The speaker demonstrated technical means for recording and labeling animals: visual and electronic tags for large animals and microchips for small domestic animals. In conclusion, the representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Republic of Dagestan and the director of the Caspian Zonal Research Veterinary Institute - branch of the Agricultural Scientific Center, and the conference participants expressed their wish to extend mutually beneficial cooperation and hold a regular conference on topical veterinary issues in 2022.

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