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The first eco-office of VIC Group of Companies has been opened in the Moscow region. It was built using technologies that help in the fight against global environmental problems.

In 2015, the UN stipulated the Sustainable Development Goals, which are aimed at preserving the planet's resources and ensuring well-being. To achieve them, joint efforts of Governments, society and business around the world are necessary.

VIC Group supports these goals. The opening of the new office in Ostrovtsy is a comprehensive program facilitating the efficient and effective use of resources and minimizing the negative impact on the environment. The idea of an eco-office has its roots in respect for nature and care for the resources of our planet.

A bright, cozy space with large windows as part of the Open Space concept allows saving electricity, a "green" park area right on the office territory, spacious meeting rooms for discussing long-term cooperation plans with partners and clients - leading agricultural complexes of the country, are significant advantages of the new office of VIC Group of Companies. Cutting-edge technological solutions have been implemented within the project framework: modern multimedia equipment and security systems, video conferencing for effective remote communications, transformable working areas and booking systems for meeting rooms, climate control of all premises and automated office space disinfection systems.

In Russia, the eco-office principles are mainly implemented by Western companies: Google Russia, Intel Russia, 3M, Siemens and others. There is also a steady trend towards the greening of workspaces among Russian businesses: M. Video, Splat, MTS, Sberbank. Moreover, the world-wide practice of environmental certification of office premises began to be introduced in Russia.

VIC Group believes that no company today can stand aside from global environmental problems, and implements this belief in practice.


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