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On February 17, the agility competition was held in New Manege. VETMARKET was the general sponsor of the event. The key aim was to increase brand recognition and promote products of DOCTOR VIC.

The championship was attended by about 100 pairs of "handler - dog", which competed on 7 routes, each of them consisted of 20 obstacles.

All participants of the competition could get professional consultation on cosmetics, care products and veterinary drugs for dogs at the VETMARKET booth.

Specialists of VETMARKET also gave consultations on drugs manufactured by VIC Animal Health and described methods to improve the quality of life and health of active dogs.

Such animals require special care both before and after significant physical and psychological stresses. For example, before the start it is recommended to administer Activiton, it restores the fatigued heart muscles, normalizes oxidation-reduction reactions and it is used as an antioxidant.

Flexiactive improves the results and reduces the occurrence of soft tissue injuries. This drug is also used to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, joint dysplasia, to relieve pain.

The specialists of VETMARKET also gave two lectures on "Specific care for active animals with the application of the products of VIC Animal Health and DOCTOR VIC". At the end of the competition, the representatives of VETMARKET awarded the winners. 

It should be noted that the main feature of the whole innovative product range of VIC Animal Health is a complex approach (prevention, treatment and cosmetic properties). For that very reason, the products of DOCTOR VIC have no analogues both in domestic and foreign market.


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