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On 16 March, the seminar on "Dialogues on profession with Veterinarian, S.V. Sereda" was held at Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin.

S.V. Sereda is a Russian veterinarian, President of the RF Association of Veterinary Practitioners, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Honored Veterinarian of Russia.

At the seminar, leading veterinarians and pharmacists discussed contemporary issues and prospects for the development of veterinary medicine with students.

S.V. Sereda told about himself.

- Both my father and my grandfather were veterinarians. My father knew that it was not an easy profession, that's why he wanted me to be a doctor. So I disappointed him. I have five children and the dynasty of veterinarians continues. His son Denis Sereda and nephew I. Sereda have already become veterinarians.

The students asked the industry experts and potential employers (among which was VIC Group) many questions. Is it necessary for a veterinarian to undergo advanced training? Can human drugs be used to treat animals?

S. Sereda gave the following answers:

- Veterinarians must regularly undergo advanced training, but no one is really monitoring it. If you work in a small clinic, nobody will ask whether you have been upgrading your qualifications. But such company as VIC Group will not be interested in such specialist.

Modern pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs for animals, and, you know, I'm not ashamed of them. They do it professionally. It is modern enterprises equipped with good production machines, they are regularly inspected. The drug quality is at the highest level there.

VIC Group was represented as an example of such enterprise. The students watched the film about VIC Group with great interest.

During the beaks between speeches, the students came to the booth of VIC Group to know this company better.

-The purpose of our company's participation in the seminar is to show the students and teachers our manufacture, the possibilities of our company,-said the Deputy Head of the Vetpribor of VIC Group, P. Beloglazov. -The company has a lot of veterinarians and we are constantly looking for talents. The young professionals now have a difficult choice. They can specialize in pets, due to the large number of veterinary clinics, but the competition is tough. Or they can specialize in farm animals, and work, for instance, in our company. But the young professionals are not very interested in this direction, they think that agriculture and manufacturers of veterinary drugs are in decline. At this seminar, we wanted to show them how they were wrong. We have powerful production, and we are still improving. We were glad that the students could ask questions and see the film about our company. This event was useful for students, teachers, and for us, manufacturers.

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